Our Services

  • Performing all kinds of central heating installations
  • Procurement, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of boilers (water, steam, the pellet, gas, liquid and solid fuel and electric boilers)
  • Procurement, fabrication and installation of compact substations for central heating
  • Performing  all types of plumbing, hydrant, gas, sewage and rainwater installation
  • Maintenance and repair of power plants
  • Fabrication and installation of the ventilation and cooling
  • Acquisition, repair and maintenance of industrial pumps and pumping systems
  • Fabrication and installation of hydro stations
  • Supply and installation of air handling units, chiller, fain coiler, calorifer
  • Fabrication and installation of solar systems (renewable energy), solar heating, hot water preparation and heating support
  • Installation of heating pumps - geothermal heating
  • Performance of fire protection systems and installations of the so called sprinklers
  • Fabrication and installation of compressor substations for air - compressed air
  • Manufacture, repair and installation of metal structures for various uses
  • Manufacture, repair and installation of all types of lampposts

The company has all the necessary technical and material resources for the professional performing of works from the above areas as well as many kinds of machines and transport machinery. All employees of the company are professionally trained, highly qualified and capable of performing the aforementioned works. We also have very good cooperation with several foreign highly skilled staff in the above areas. In a series of recent years, with a lot of work, effort and evidence behind, we carried out many successful projects on the basis of which we gained a lot of experience in the mentioned areas of business as well as a great reputation for our service users.

VIENN Tehnokomerc

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